Leon's has existed in Lyon since 1920, where one can savor excellent oysters and other shellfish from SEPTEMBER to MAY for a quick bite or in the restaurant.

Since 1971, Leon's has become a genuine seafood bistro and, in addition to its excellent oysters, it offers a range of seafood, shellfish, and crustaceans that Damien carefully selects.

2020, your seafood specialist celebrates its centenary !

It's been a century already that we've been delighting our friends in Lyon and all lovers of good food and seafood.

At CHEZ LEON, we know how to offer you oysters and other perfectly selected shellfish from our loyal producers with whom we maintain close relationships and, like us, are concerned about the quality and freshness of their products.

Since the very beginning, Leon has managed to maintain the authentic atmosphere thanks to his team of passionate colleagues who have been passing on their expertise for generations.

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