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Seafood Restaurant Open from September to May

Our Rooms

The Small Lounge

For your business meals, the small lounge is the ideal space. It guarantees you privacy and discretion right in the heart of the Halles. It will delight you with its conviviality and sobriety. This intimate space is also perfect for your romantic evenings, family gatherings, or time with friends.

seefood restaurant
Paul Bocuse Halles
business meals

The Terrace

At the heart of the Paul Bocuse Halles atmosphere, in the aisles, the terrace allows you to live the CHEZ LEON experience by tasting quality products in good spirits, all close to your favorite merchants. The terrace is ideal for tasting our dishes while benefiting from our restaurant service, with top-notch service.

CHEZ LEON experience
tasting quality products
tasting our dishes
top-notch service

The Counter

Unmissable and served in front of our team, enjoy standing up, our selection of oysters or seafood accompanied by our selection of wine and benefit from the good mood of our shellfish sellers. The laid-back atmosphere invites you to socialize, exchange, share; the values of the Paul Bocuse Halles.

enjoy standing up
oysters or seafood
shellfish sellers
laid-back atmosphere

All these spaces can be privatized.